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We support the development of transformational people management skills

Developing transformational people management skills

During this block we extensively discuss transformational management and the development of transformational people management skills. We believe it is important for participants to practice and to offer them opportunities to gain insights through own experiences. To be able to work with others, we bring together small groups (max. 8 people). Participants prepare for each session via our learning platform. We guide them and ensure that they know at any time which preparations are necessary. This program was developed with the perspective of busy managers in mind. We use the available time as effectively as possible. Online live sessions usually take place every other week, are organized at the beginning or end of the day and never last more than two hours. Although the time schedule is often slightly different, we also do our utmost to make the time investment as efficient as possible in our offline programs.

To help, we have a variety of supporting material available on our online learning platform.